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Bonerman 6 years ago
A great set of tits. A great woman to spend a long afternoon with minus all clothes.
dukester 5 years ago
vanessa videl is her name
Z.A 6 years ago
Rock 6 years ago
The picture shown on the menu of old spunker vids is maybe the prettiest this woman ever took. Her left breast with arm raise above her head is stunning.
Hard and Horny 5 years ago
Claudia, I'm ready to cum just reading your post. I am only 19, and I can reload very quickly. You and I should meet and raw dog the day away.
Cumagain 5 years ago
SOB. First chance my ex wife got she posts this video. I miss her and would do anything to be inside that cunt one more time,
Claudia 5 years ago
Watching this has made me crazy horny. Can't believe I'm a 49 year old divorcee waiting patiently for my young lover - a neighborhood boy - to get home from high school. Love that he thinks of me as his girlfriend, doesn't date girls his age, and wants to get me pregnant. Even better, he will cum 3 or 4 times just in the first couple hours he is here.
Bonerman 5 years ago
She deserved a better cum appreciation. I would have "roped" about 5 or 6 spurts of thick, gooy jizzum. She would have looked like I desired her body like it should be.
Boogeyman 5 years ago
lucky son of a bitch!!!
Hard and Horny 6 years ago
Looked at the picture for this vid. I would love to fill with a load of cum that little cup between her tit and armpit.